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S4E3 - The Journey with St. Joan of Arc as a living spiritual rosary for Our Lady

S4E3 - The Journey with St. Joan of Arc as a living spiritual rosary for Our Lady

Our Lady as the archetype for our phenomenological inquiry into St. Joan of Arc.
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Season 4 Episode 3

In this episode I discuss how to turn our journey on the Trail of the Dogmatic Creed with St. Joan of Arc and St. Thérèse into a living, spiritual rosary for Our Lady. The Blessed Virgin Mary in the Annunciation is the archetype of our own phenomenological inquiry. We pursue Joan through the meadows, over the creeks, across the rivers, and beyond the snow-capped mountains as our guide leading us to Our Lord’s Kingdom in the distance. The Blessed Virgin is our model, and our journey with Thérèse in pursuit of Joan becomes a living spiritual rosary in the Immaculate Heart of Mary as the mystery unfolds.

Reflective question

Can you describe how your life can be a living rosary for Our Lady through an inquiry into the person of St. Joan of Arc?

Quotations from this podcast

But soon after that moment, I was imprudent enough to open the documents of her nullification trial and I found myself literally incapable of closing them. Since then Joan has led me to new horizons and fresh interest…

This is not a conventional biography that tells a life story from birth to death. We chose instead to write the documented life of Joan as it unfolded in time.

This book follows the movement of recorded history rather than the chronological sequence of a life.

But since her life continued to interest succeeding ages, “legends” developed about Joan, and her fame - a mixture of history and myth - now extends across the globe.

Prototype of the glorious military heroine, Joan is also prototype of the political prisoner, of the hostage, and of the victim of oppression. The panel of her victories faces the equally important panel of her pain, as an isolated human being facing suffocating ideology and murderous fanaticism.1

I am also the co-host of the Heroic Hearts podcast with Amy Chase. Heroic Hearts is devoted to a spiritual adventure with St. Joan of Arc and St. Thérèse of Lisieux! Join us on the journey!

Visit Amy’s Substack, The Occidental Tourist.



Pernoud and Clin, Joan of Arc - Her Story. pp. XI-XIII

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A holy expression of Jehannian-Thérèsian Catholic Spirituality. The Dove and Rose is a phenomenological journey through the heart of St. Joan of Arc in the company of St. Thérèse.