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S5E7 - St. Joan of Arc crowns a King

Despite the English efforts, Joan bested them once again.

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Walter Emerson (Adams)
A podcast discussing my model of a holy expression of Jehannian-Thérèsian Catholic Spirituality. The Dove and Rose is a phenomenological journey through the heart of St. Joan of Arc in the company of St. Thérèse. Also subscribe to The Dove and Rose podcasts on Anchor, Apple, and Spotify.
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Season 5 Episode 7

Joan of Arc defeated the English at Orléans and lifted the siege. She convinced the Dauphin, Charles VII, to march to Reims for his coronation against the advice of his other captains. Joan wins the day and leads Charles through the enemy Burgundian territory to Reims.

Mark Twain refers to this march as a miracle, one he calls the “bloodless march.” Town after town swears allegiance to Charles, and enthusiasm for his crowning grows. People take to the roads to join Joan and her Dauphin!

Not everyone is happy, however. The English sympathizers in Reims are forced to leave with the prospect of Joan’s army arriving soon. They take much of the coronation regalia to discredit Charles’ coronation. However, they leave the most important coronation artifact - the Holy Oil used by every French King from the time of Clovis.

Despite the English efforts, Joan bested them once again. She has the location (Reims), the Holy Oil, and the archbishop for the ceremony.

At Reims, Joan of Arc kneels and hugs the newly crowned King by the legs. She did what God commanded her to do.

I am also the co-host of the Heroic Hearts podcast with Amy Chase. Heroic Hearts is devoted to a spiritual adventure with St. Joan of Arc and St. Thérèse of Lisieux! Join us on the journey!

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