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S4E4 - Building a map of meaning with St. Joan of Arc

S4E4 - Building a map of meaning with St. Joan of Arc

As Joan emerges from the mist in our hearts, we establish nodes of meaning.
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Season 4 Episode 4

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In this episode I help you begin the process of building your “map of meaning” under the inspiring patronage of St. Joan of Arc. We are moving forward in our discussion of the phenomenology of Joan of Arc’s life. However, we have not yet moved from Dunois’ side at the opening of chapter one as he gazes over the Loire river in the direction of a mysterious maiden rumored to be moving across France. Régine Pernoud’s approach to this book is phenomenological, and we see that in real history, Dunois himself received the mystery of Joan of Arc phenomenologically! There is so much packed into the opening paragraphs of chapter one that demands to be explored before moving on. The mystery of Joan of Arc and our inquiry into her will establish the foundation for building a map of meaning to begin interpreting this fairytale-like phenomenon.

Reflective question

In what ways can you describe St. Joan as a mystery appearing out of the mist in your own life?

Below is The Pilgrim Dance poem I share in this episode.

The Pilgrim Dance

Shuffling down a narrow
Lonely, dirt path

Into a wide 
Open field

I am a pilgrim
A journeyman

One who rests
Only for a time

In mystical
Quaint villages

I am refreshed
And stronger now

Because of each
Enchanting land

Now, slowly
Onto a plain

Where I have come
Upon a crossroad

Not knowing
Where to go

Yet, appearing at my
Side, ever faithfully

Is my sister traveler
St. Thérèse of Lisieux

We both shield our eyes
As sunlight breaks

And each look in
All directions

“Where now, do
We dance, sister?”

Her eyes glitter
Her soul is fire

She points and
Pulls me along

Dancing together, again
To where I do not know

Then I see that
To which she points

Distant ahead rides
Joan of Arc, hair flowing

Dancing we follow her
Over the horizon of trust

©2010 by Walter Emerson

I am also the co-host of the Heroic Hearts podcast with Amy Chase. Heroic Hearts is devoted to a spiritual adventure with St. Joan of Arc and St. Thérèse of Lisieux! Join us on the journey!

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