Sep 10, 2022 • 32M

S4E5 - Receiving Joan of Arc as she desires to be received

We receive a response to our inquiry about Joan of Arc

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Walter Emerson (Adams)
A podcast discussing my model of a holy expression of Jehannian-Thérèsian Catholic Spirituality. The Dove and Rose is a phenomenological journey through the heart of St. Joan of Arc in the company of St. Thérèse. Also subscribe to The Dove and Rose podcasts on Anchor, Apple, and Spotify.
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Season 4 Episode 5

Dunois receives a response to his inquiry about the mysterious maiden crossing France just south of Orléans, the city he is defending during the English siege. The maid is real. The fairytale is true. The legend of France being saved by a maiden from Lorraine manifests in the historical person of Joan of Arc. In order to understand this phenomenon more clearly, Régine Pernoud reveals a little more of the historical context. We are not studying Joan of Arc’s life by obtaining information to derive meaning - we are beginning with the meaning of her life so as to understand the information we want to obtain! Joan is the now the center of our intentionality. She is the reference by which we study the facts around her. We are learning so as to uncover a mystery - the mystery of Joan of Arc.

Reflective question

What do you seek in your journey of discovery through the heart of Joan of Arc?

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“They returned from the king‘s presence, reporting publicly to me, in the presence of all the people in Orléans who yearned to learn the truth concerning this maiden’s arrival, that they had seen the aforesaid maid arrive at the king’s court in the city of Chinon themselves. They said that the king himself had not wished to receive her; it was deemed appropriate that this maid wait two days before she should be permitted to come into the King‘s presence, even though she had said again and again that she came to raise the siege of Orléans and to lead the noble dauphin to Reims, so that he could be anointed king, demanding constantly that she be given men, horses, and arms.”

~ Dunois

I am also the co-host of the Heroic Hearts podcast with Amy Chase. Heroic Hearts is devoted to a spiritual adventure with St. Joan of Arc and St. Thérèse of Lisieux! Join us on the journey!

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