To establish the project's foundation, we will ask: 'How does Thérèse stand with Being?'
Suffice it to say that any humanism that rejects Christ is not lasting; it is, as I have said, superficial.
S6E2 - Discussing the first section of my book, Journey to ChristendomListen now (26 min) | I wrote wrongly, but that ended up being the point.
I had no idea growing up as a Christian-thinking, mainstream, popular young man in Oklahoma in the 1960s and 1970s that I would end up living a life…
S6E1 - Discussing the Forward to my book, Journey to ChristendomListen now (26 min) | Joan of Arc was grounded in a fresh perspective in her victories - what does that mean for us today?
Should we storm the gates of hell to reclaim our land with the spirit and fury that drove Joan of Arc to storm Orléans and Jargeau?
It is time to elevate our devotion to St. Joan of Arc and St. Thérèse of Lisieux to a sanctifying missionary force for Jesus Christ!

February 2023

S5E8 - Joining St. Joan of Arc on her missionListen now (30 min) | St. Thérèse participated in Joan's mission through prayers, plays, and poetry; let us join them.

January 2023

S5E7 - St. Joan of Arc crowns a KingListen now (35 min) | Despite the English efforts, Joan bested them once again.
S5E6 - "Act and God will act!" ~ St. Joan of ArcListen now (30 min) | St. Joan reveals a fundamental characteristic of her spirituality.
We are the spiritual diaspora of the Kingdom of Catholic France.
S5E5 - Joan of Arc Bonus EpisodeListen now (27 min) | Articles of St. Joan's intercession - how Joan of Arc is perceived in the phenomenology of The Dove and Rose.